Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome to the Promise Hollow Comments Page
If you don't know why you're here, it's because you either overjoyed with or outraged at the:
Hollow Promise Waldorf School blog page.

This is YOUR comment page. We would love to hear from you - whether it is to praise our work or to curse it.

Rudolf Waldorf - Administrator


  1. I want to take this opportunity to invite anyone who has links appropriate for our admissions page whether they are websites, blogs, forums, books, articles etc. to post the links here for consideration.

    If you want to submit a page of your own, contact me here and let's talk about it. Thanks everyone!

  2. Clever and Hilarious! Great parody, and one only has to scratch the surface to get to the truth. Well done!

    1. Thank you!

      "one only has to scratch the surface to get to the truth"

      Yes - just as with any Waldorf school website. ;)

  3. You should look at this site.An irony free zone.

    1. Yes - we should always support the mistreatment of people with karma-related disabilities.

  4. Child protection practices need to improve greatly at Steiner schools and their complaints procedure in practice is dreadful. Lots of other things are wonderful and fantastic in Steiner schools but what is the point in a school with seriously faulty child protection?

  5. This is a brilliant and hilarious site.
    I went to two different Waldorf schools, from kindergarten to 5th grade, and have recently reflected on the experience upon learning some of what happened to the kids who didn't leave. My parents pulled me out after 2nd grade when it became clear I was miserable, and the decision seems even more important given what I now know: that after years of incompetent teaching, in middle school my former teacher became emotionally and physically abusive. At one point she pushed a kid down a flight of stairs. It is sickening what happened without the parents or anyone else being told; a friend of mine got a tbi from being kicked in the head by a girl, who didn't even get in trouble for it. Two of my friends are so behind in math they have to be in summer school. And that's just for 9th grade--what's is it like to apply for college after attending a Waldorf high school? Until recently I'd thought of Waldorf education as charmingly odd, right for a certain type of white liberal who sees science as elitism (cough anti-vaxxers). I remember kids proclaiming the danger of GMOs and being paranoid that my dad would tell someone what he told me: that GMOs are perfectly safe and might be necessary to feed enough people in the coming generation.
    From this site and others I've learned about the occult and esoteric ideas behind the school, and now I'm seeing my old teachers in a new light, (could my fun Spanish teacher have believed that she was ascending through a racial hierarchy?) The religiosity of the school can't really be denied; I was raised in a secular household but acted in a play as Joseph's father ("I am Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham,") and said a verse every morning about God. One of my friends says that she'll miss her class, but not the school.
    Thank you so much for making this site. It has provided me entertainment as well as (odd as it may sound) solace.


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